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We are your craftsmen. We are your handyman. We are your remediator.

A local, family owned construction company that specializes in home and business remodels, mold remediation and fire/water damage.

State of Nevada Contractors License #72301, $750k limit


What We Do

Combined with our extensive construction experience, our team of certified mold remediators can take care of you and your home when you feel exposed to the threat of mold. When restoration is delayed costs can quickly increase. We have pre-approved plans at the City of Reno for many of our construction dry-rot job scenarios, so we can proceed quickly and confidently with getting your home fixed.

Remediation Services Provided:

  • water extraction
  • fans and dehumidifiers placed to dry structure according to revised (2013) insurance standards
  • insurance communication to determine scope of loss
  • install plastic barrier/decontamination chamber
  • HEPA air mover installed to maintain proper air quality
  • proper disposal of contaminated materials
  • pass fungal clearance test as performed by qualified hygienist
  • help prove to insurance the quality of previous installed material to get the most value from your insurance reimbursement
  • use current insurance estimating programs to ensure the compliance of your claim
  • rebuild with the possibility of upgrades using insurance value as a partial credit

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why we do it

Throughout our career of bathroom and kitchen remodels, we have often come across mold. We've found it inside shower walls, under shower floors, tubs and toilets and under kitchen sinks and dishwashers. Due to current industry standards being very vague we could have handled these situations much differently than any homeowner would like - ignore or pretend we knew what we were doing.

We decided to take another approach. We completed many courses on how to properly remove contaminated materials, make a structure safe and keep homeowner health a top priority. Then in 2008, we opened a separate division of our business strictly dedicated to fungal issues of all kinds. We became experts.

With over 250 mold jobs completed, we are not only the water mitigation and fungal experts for the area but also trusted by one of the region's largest hospitals for their own remediation needs.


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Kitchen Remodels + Bath Remodels + Mold Remediation + Home Renovations

Water/Fire Restoration + Insurance Repairs + Tenant Improvements

State of Nevada Contractors License #72301 - C3  

Licensed  +  Bonded  +  Insured

Proudly serving Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Incline and surrounding areas

Curtis Bros. Construction

Curtis Bros. Construction